Annual Meeting

SCCR 2020 will be held in Seattle, Washington from February 26th-29th.

You can now preview and download the conference program here.

Regular pricing for conference registration ends January 26, 2020. Please register on the conference website: SCCR2020

Don’t forget to make your reservations at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel using SCCR’s group rate! 

Learn more about our four highly engaging keynote speakers and read their abstracts here:

Claudette “Claudia” Antuña, Psy.D., MHSA, LICSWTopical area: Social justice and services to refugees and immigrant communities

Alexander Rödlach SVD, PhD: Topical area: Embedding cross-cultural research: Driven by values, rooted in relationships, and focused on action

Mónica Ruiz-Casares, PhD, MSc, MA, LLB: Topical area: Child well-being and ethical and methodological issues in research with children and young people

Desiree M. Seponski, PhD, LMFT: Topical area: Culturally responsive mental health research and interventions

SCCR 2020 (Edited)

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Updates Before 2016

Fathers across Cultures: The Importance, Roles, and Diverse Practices of Dads. by Jaipaul L. Roopnarine, Editor  Praeger, 2015. Book Information

Pathfinders in International Psychology; 2015; Published by Information Age Publishing (the first book in the new APA Division 52 (International Division) book series); edited by Grant J. Rich and Uwe P. Gielen. Book Information

The Global Obama; 2014, published by Routledge; edited by Dinesh Sharma & Uwe P. Gielen

Fathers in Cultural Context;  (Routledge 2013; edited by David Shwalb, Barbara Shwalb, & Michael Lamb; with chapters by several SCCR members), and winner of 2014 Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award (APA Division 52).

2013 Presidential Address at Mobile Conference;  by Dr. William Jankowiak.

Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy in an International Context; 2013; published by Routledge; edited by Roy Moodley, Uwe P. Gielen, & Rosa Wu.

Dedoose Web 2.0 Qualitative & Mixed Methods Research; courtesy of Dr. Thomas Weisner.

Vietnamese American Psychological Association; courtesy of Dr. Dung Ngo.