Annual Meeting

SCCR holds its annual conference in the late winter from Wednesday through Saturday, typically in a location with a warm climate. Submissions of presentations are subject to a peer-review process run by the conference program committee. The number of attendees at SCCR conferences has ranged from 100 to 390 people, over the years since the first conference in 1972. SCCR conferences are held in a relaxed atmosphere that fosters supportive feedback and collaboration-building among participants.

Past annual meetings

2019 Jacksonville Program
2018 Las Vegas Program
2017 New Orleans Program
2016 Portland Program
2015 Albuquerque Program
2014 Charleston Program
2013 Mobile Program
2012 Las Vegas Program
2011 Charleston Program
2010 Albuquerque Program
2009 Las Vegas Program
2008 New Orleans Program
2007 San Antonio Program
2006 Savannah Program
2005 Santa Fe Program
2004 San Jose Program
2003 Charleston Program
2002 Santa Fe Program

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