SCCR Statement of Ethics and Values

The Society for Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR) is an interdisciplinary society of scholars who are interested in advancing knowledge and scholarship surrounding cross-cultural issues. SCCR expects that all society leaders, members, and event/conference attendees will engage with one another in professional and constructive ways. SCCR encourages professionalism and respect in all interactions, even in moments of disagreement. SCCR also expects all leaders, members, and attendees to behave in respectful and open-minded ways.

As a society with members, leaders, and attendees from various cultures and nations, SCCR hopes to foster important and meaningful dialogue that incorporates the scholarly perspectives of everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, religious views, academic discipline, or other similar types of characteristics. SCCR should be a society where our interactions are collegial and professional, and our events should be environments where all attendees, regardless of age, experience, or career stage, are valued and respected. We ask you to be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants. Please alert a member of the Executive Committee or a conference organizer if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress.

If any leader, member, or attendee of SCCR has not been treated in a professional or respectful manner as part of their engagement with SCCR, we encourage that person to communicate this with an officer of SCCR (current officers can be found here). The reporting person and the officer will discuss the situation and together determine the next steps of the process. These next steps might include reporting the incident to law enforcement and/or the location/hotel staff if merited, engaging the full Executive Committee to discuss the issue and come to a solution, or to mediate a conversation among involved parties.

There are limitations to the authority of SCCR leadership. The leadership: (1) cannot remove someone from a conference hotel (though, if necessary, inappropriate behavior can be reported to the hotel staff); (2) cannot take punitive or disciplinary action until an investigation has been completed; (3) does not have jurisdiction over events that are not official SCCR events, such as offsite dinners, drinks, or other activities) – though SCCR leadership will assist attendees in making a formal report to those who do have jurisdiction if requested.

This statement was approved the SCCR Executive Committee on December 13, 2019.