Conference Award Winners

2015 Albuquerque Conference

Best Student Poster

Authors: Kaboli-Nejad, Sahra and Ozioma Aloziem (Creighton University).

Title: A Cross Cultural Phenomenological Analysis of the Impact of Religion among Africans Living with HIV/AIDS

Honorable Mention for Student Poster

Authors: Sherley Bedore and Elizabeth Trejos (Texas Tech University)

Title: Ethnicity and Self: Looking at Self-Concept through a Cross-Cultural Lens

Domestic Student Travel Award

Theodore Bartholomew (Creighton University)


2014 Charleston, SC Conference

Best Student Poster

Authors: Ashley Gold Parker, M.A. and Matthew Taylor, Ph.D. (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Title: The Effects of Racial Identity, Social Dominance Orientation, and Implicit Prejudice on Whites’ Recognition of Microaggressions

Domestic Student Travel Award

Nicole Summers (Saint Louis University)


2013 Mobile Conference

Best Student Poster

Authors: Sung-Yeon Kim, Ji Young Lee, Minkyung Yim, So Yeon Kim, & Eunjoo Yang

Title: Suicidal Ideation of Lesbians and Gays in South Korea: Test of Interpersonal Psychological Model

Honorable Mention for Student Poster

Author: Soohyun Kim

Title: Intergenerational Relationships and the Influence of Adult Children’s Divorce in Korean Families

Honorable Mention for Student Poster

Authors: Colin McDonald, Fabiola Roman, & Jill Brown, Creighton University Psychology Department

Title: Examining Cognitive Categorization in the Dominican Republic: The Significance of Acculturation


2012 Las Vegas Conference

Best Student Poster

Author: Izabel Duarte, Northwestern University School of Education and Social Policy

Title: Drawing and Talking about Social Systems: Cultural Differences between Favela and Asfalto

Runner-Up Best Student Poster

Author: Jennifer E. Wilcox & Courtney Meehan, University of Washington Department of Anthropology

Title: Breast Feeding and the Introduction of Complementary Feeding among Central African Hunter-Gatherers and Horticulturalists: Implications for Public Health


2011 Charleston Conference

Best Student Papers

Authors: Dana Rei Arakawa and Corey E. Flanders, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Title: Are Variations in Gender Equality Evident in Pornography? A Cross-Cultural Study

Author: Beatriz San Román, Barcelona Autonomous University, AFIN Research Group.

Title: “I Am White …Even If I Am Racially Black­­­”; “I Am Afro-Spanish”: Subjectivation and Identification in Transracial Adoptions: Between Queer and the Third Space

Best Student Poster

Author: Luning Sun, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom & Junhui Ye & Hui Zhang, Zhejiang University, China.

Title: A Comparative Study on Foreign Language Learning Burnout Between Chinese and German Undergraduate Students

Honorable Mention for Student Poster

Author: Hamide Gozu, University at Albany, State University of New York

Title: Attitudes Towards Seeking Help Among High School Students: A Case Study from Turkey


 2010 Albuquerque Conference

Best Student Paper

Authors: Ji-Hong Cheong & Seon-Woo Lee, Yonsei University, South Korea

Title: The Influence of Depression on the Life Satisfaction of the Elderly People Living Alone

Best Student Poster

Authors: Prarthana Pant, Syracuse University and G.B. Pant University, India

Title: Belief Systems of Indian Youth (in USA and India) Regarding Parenthood and Parenting Roles